In our interior design and construction portfolio you can browse through a wide range of our interior and exterior design projects like showrooms, retail shops, homes and entertainment venues. interior design and construction BLITZ GAME SHOP

BLITZ GAME SHOP. FORM is an interior design and construction studio, offering interior and exterior design sevices. 

It was created by Maro and Miltos: Friends for years, fellow students, at the School of Graphic Arts and Artistic Studies ATEI Athens, people with passion and knowledge of interior and architectural design.

20 years later, they decided to join their experience and create FORM, during a time of redefinition and intense creative change that transformed everything  obsolete into a new beginning.

Maro and Miltos’ approach to each project is unique. The people who experience each space take central role throughout the design process. Always working with the customer, they face design and manufacturing as a unified task and offer solutions that are distinguished for their high aesthetics, strong identity and functionality.

Depending on the specific requirements of the project FORM collaborates with professionals of other specialties such as civil and mechanical engineers, lighting and acoustics engineers or agriculturists.

Every person is unique and at the same time different. Life conditions, needs, aesthetics and taste are unique. The place we live and work is the mirror of our soul. It ought to bear something of our personality, our character and our culture.

Here at FORM we see your goals as our goals …

Form interior design and construction

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